The United States is providing military aid to Ukraine to support their counteroffensive efforts 

Winter is approaching, making it crucial to assist Ukraine in every possible way 

This aid package includes weapons and equipment to help Ukraine succeed on the battlefield 

The goal is to protect Ukraine's people from Russia's ongoing invasion 

Air defense munitions, artillery ammunition, and anti-armor capabilities are part of the support package 

These resources will bolster Ukraine's capacity to continue its counteroffensive against Russia 

Ukraine has successfully reclaimed over 50 percent of the territory seized by Russia since February 2022 

The aid package amounts to $200 million and was authorized under previously directed drawdowns for Ukraine 

Russia has the power to end the war by withdrawing its forces from Ukraine and halting attacks 

The United States, along with a coalition of more than 50 nations, will continue to support Ukraine in its quest for a resilient and thriving democracy