Nearly 59% of recent U.S. homebuyers find the process more stressful than dating, according to a Redfin survey 

Redfin's Chief Economist, Daryl Fairweather, highlights the unique anxieties of the current housing market, including buyer ghosting and low housing inventory 

Among life events, divorce is considered the most stressful by 57% of respondents, while 56% find finding a new job more nerve-wracking than buying a home 

High mortgage rates are forcing many to relocate, often due to major life events like divorce or a new job 

Despite low unemployment rates, some workers have been laid off or asked to return to the office, leading to job-related relocations 

A return-to-office policy prompted 10% of U.S. home sellers to relocate 

Millennials and Gen Xers are more likely to view homebuying as more stressful than dating 

Baby Boomers, with accumulated home equity, find homebuying less stressful and currently lead in home purchases 

Baby Boomers emphasize the stress of divorce more than other generations 

Racial disparities exist in perceptions of stress, with white respondents finding homebuying more stressful than college admission, while Black respondents feel the opposite due to financial barriers and discrimination