A strong US jobs report has sparked debate about whether the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates in the current year 

In September, employers added 336,000 new jobs, surpassing expectations and the previous month's figures 

Despite the positive headline number, the report contains mixed messages about the economy, interest rates, bonds, and equities 

Some experts believe that the US economy continues to grow well, even with higher interest rates and tighter financial conditions 

The US unemployment rate remained steady at 3.8%, while average hourly wage growth decreased slightly to 4.2% 

Job gains were primarily seen in industries that initially struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as education, health, leisure, and hospitality 

The report suggests that some workers are accepting lower-paying jobs due to tightening credit conditions, indicating a lack of bargaining power for American workers 

Economists are closely watching next week's inflation data, expecting an annual consumer price index reading of 3.6% for September 

Rising inflation resulting from robust jobs growth could lead the Fed to implement further interest rate increases, impacting government bonds and financial markets 

Despite the recent strong jobs report, many experts believe that the Fed may hold off on delivering the final projected interest rate increase this year, depending on the October 12 CPI report