Ukraine has been unsuccessful in removing Russian forces from its territory 

Efforts to change Vladimir Putin's stance on Ukraine have proven ineffective 

Some U.S. officials express doubts about Ukraine's ability to make significant progress in the coming weeks or months 

The current strategy of supplying weapons to Ukraine has not led to significant battlefield gains 

There is a likelihood that the level of support from the U.S. and the West may decrease 

One option is to provide Ukraine with advanced weapons systems, such as long-range fires like ATACMS 

Alternatively, a smaller-scale approach could involve sending less expensive weapons, ammunition, and smaller systems to maximize the impact of the provided $1.6 billion 

Publicly, the administration is not discussing a Plan B or negotiated settlement at this time 

The concern is that even mentioning a negotiated settlement with allies could exert pressure on Ukraine to concede 

The current policy does not involve pursuing negotiations for a settlement with Russia