The United States must prepare for potential simultaneous wars with Russia and China 

To achieve this, the report suggests expanding conventional forces, strengthening alliances, and enhancing nuclear weapons modernization programs 

Tensions with China over Taiwan and other issues and worsening frictions with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine underscore the need for this preparation 

The report hints at concerns about potential coordination between Chinese and Russian nuclear weapons, leading to a two-war construct 

This shift in strategy challenges the current U.S. national security approach, which focuses on winning one conflict while deterring another 

The report acknowledges budget constraints but emphasizes the necessity of increased defense spending 

Democratic Chair Madelyn Creedon and Vice Chair Jon Kyl argue that higher defense spending is a small price to pay to avoid a possible nuclear war 

The report contradicts President Joe Biden's stance, which claims the existing U.S. nuclear arsenal is sufficient for deterrence 

The Strategic Posture Commission warns that the U.S.-led international order and its values are at risk from authoritarian regimes in China and Russia