Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis opposes accepting refugees from Gaza, citing concerns about their beliefs and behaviors 

DeSantis suggests that Arab states should take in refugees fleeing Gaza, instead of the United States 

Public polling contradicts DeSantis's characterization of Gaza residents, with 50% of Gazans supporting a two-state solution in a July poll 

Rival GOP presidential contender Nikki Haley emphasizes the need to distinguish between civilians and terrorists in the Gaza conflict 

DeSantis and other Republican presidential hopefuls express strong support for Israel in the wake of a Hamas attack 

DeSantis faces criticism from a voter in New Hampshire over Israel's treatment of Palestinians in Gaza 

DeSantis questions why neighboring Arab countries are not absorbing Palestinian refugees 

DeSantis organizes the evacuation of Florida residents from Israel in response to the conflict 

He seizes on former President Donald Trump's criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 

DeSantis accuses Trump of attacking Netanyahu for personal reasons rather than the greater good of Israel's interests and American security