Former Israeli government adviser Daniel Levy expresses concern about the destabilizing impact of US support for Israeli actions in the region 

Israel has been responsible for the deaths of more than 4,385 Palestinians and the destruction of entire neighborhoods in Gaza 

After a Hamas attack resulted in the deaths of over 1,405 Israelis on October 7, Israel implemented measures such as cutting off food, water, and electricity to millions of people 

United States President Joe Biden intends to provide billions of dollars in additional aid to support Israel's military campaigns 

The Biden administration is not endorsing calls for an immediate ceasefire, but it is involved in mediating for limited amounts of food aid for Gaza 

Daniel Levy, a former Israeli government adviser, believes that US support for Israeli military actions is leading to adverse consequences 

The situation in the region has led to significant Palestinian casualties and damage to infrastructure in Gaza 

The Israeli-Hamas conflict has resulted in substantial loss of life on both sides 

President Joe Biden's proposed aid to Israel has stirred controversy and debate regarding its impact 

The ongoing conflict and US support for Israeli actions are complex issues with serious implications for regional stability