A money market checking account is a type of account that combines the features of a traditional checking account with those of a money market account. 

It is designed to offer higher interest rates on deposits than traditional checking accounts, while still providing the convenience of check writing and debit card access.

Money market checking accounts are typically offered by banks and credit unions and can be a good option for savers who want to earn a higher return on their deposits while still having easy access to their money.

Money market checking accounts work much like traditional checking accounts, with a few key differences.  

Like a traditional checking account, a money market checking account allows you to deposit and withdraw funds as needed, write checks, and use a debit card for purchases.

However, money market checking accounts also typically offer higher interest rates than traditional checking accounts. 

This is because the funds deposited in a money market checking account are typically invested in short-term, low-risk securities, such as government bonds or certificates of deposit.

In addition, money market checking accounts may also have higher minimum balance requirements than traditional checking accounts.