Marilyn Mosby, former Baltimore City State's Attorney, has been found guilty of two counts of perjury related to her unauthorized withdrawal of $90,000 from a restricted city retirement account 

The evidence in the trial revealed that Mosby falsely claimed a COVID-19 financial hardship to access the funds for personal gain, which included purchasing $1 million worth of Florida vacation homes 

Assistant U.S. Attorney Aaron Zelinsky emphasized during closing arguments that Mosby twice committed perjury in accessing funds that belonged solely to the city of Baltimore 

The funds were intended for the city's use, and Mosby's actions were deemed to be for her own private gain 

Mosby, who was married to Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby, announced their separation in July of the same year as the trial 

In a joint statement, the Mosbys emphasized their commitment as strong co-parents despite the divorce, stating that their dedication to family and community remains unwavering 

The couple requested privacy, refraining from providing further comments or interviews regarding the divorce proceedings 

Nick Mosby, the Baltimore City Council President, graduated from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and holds an engineering degree from Tuskegee University 

In 2011, Nick Mosby ran for City Council, initiating programs for juveniles awaiting trial as adults and passing legislation to eliminate criminal record requirements on job applications 

Appointed to the Maryland General Assembly in 2017, Mosby worked on legislation supporting GED recipients and Historically Black Colleges and Universities, introducing tax credits to boost endowments