Fisher faced challenges when he first arrived in Texas, particularly with a 7-on-7 coach in the Houston area 

The Texas High School Coaches Association, a powerful group, preferred "straight-line recruiting" through high school coaches, causing concerns about Fisher's approach 

D.W. Rutledge, the organization's executive director, expressed reservations, highlighting Fisher's unfamiliarity with the local climate and recruiting dynamics 

Lack of contact with high school coaching circuits painted Fisher negatively, indicating a gap in building crucial recruiting relationships 

The article suggests that Fisher's initial struggles with the high school coaching circuit may have contributed to a negative personal perspective 

The emphasis on "straight-line recruiting" through high school coaches was a departure from Fisher's approach, possibly affecting his reception in Aggieland 

The article points out that former Texas head coach Mack Brown succeeded by welcoming local coaches, emphasizing the importance of building relationships 

Fisher's avoidance of the politics in coaching within the Power 5 conferences may have contributed to challenges and rumors surrounding his future at Aggieland 

While not every high school coach had issues with Fisher, rumors seemed to have played a role in creating a challenging atmosphere for him 

The article implies that Fisher's departure from established recruiting norms and his avoidance of coaching politics might have hindered his success at Aggieland