AMP is a digital token that is designed to facilitate instant payments and enable the transfer of value between individuals and businesses.  

The technology behind AMP is built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes a unique collateralization mechanism that ensures the value of the token. 

One of the key factors that could cause AMP to explode is its unique collateralization mechanism. 

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that are backed by nothing but faith in their value, AMP is backed by collateral. 

This means that for every AMP token in circulation, there is an equal amount of collateral held in reserve. 

This collateral is used to provide liquidity to the network, ensuring that there is always a market for AMP tokens. 

Another factor that could cause AMP to explode is its growing adoption.  

As more businesses and individuals begin to use AMP for transactions, the demand for the token will increase, which could cause its value to rise.