Asia's stock markets had a cautious start to the fourth quarter due to holiday-thinned trade 

The dollar remained strong, and an 11th-hour deal averted a U.S. government shutdown, boosting S&P 500 futures 

Markets in India, Hong Kong, and China were closed for the holiday, impacting trading activity 

Japan's Nikkei initially surged by 1.7% but later flattened in the mid-afternoon 

The yen's weakness, nearing 150-per-dollar, benefited Japanese exporters by improving foreign earnings in yen terms 

A last-minute deal over the weekend prevented a U.S. government shutdown, supporting a 0.5% increase in U.S. stock futures in Asia 

European futures experienced a 0.2% rise in response to the positive market sentiment 

Despite the deal, there is still concern about potential future government shutdown risks 

Japanese stocks received a boost from the Bank of Japan's quarterly Tankan survey, which indicated improved business sentiment 

Bond and foreign exchange markets were influenced by expectations of high U.S. interest rates and Japanese bond selling, leading to increased Japanese government bond yields and a strong U.S. dollar