2 Men, Relying On Google Maps, Drive Vehicle Into River In Kerala

In an astonishing turn of events, two men driving to a hospital found themselves battling the forces of nature in Kerala’s northernmost Kasaragod district. Guided by Google Maps, they accidentally drove their car into a swollen river but miraculously escaped when their vehicle got stuck in a tree. The visuals of Fire Force personnel pulling them to safety went viral, highlighting both the peril and the heroism involved in the rescue.

The Journey to the Hospital

Abdul Rasheed and his companion were on an urgent trip to a hospital in neighboring Karnataka. Navigating the unfamiliar terrain, they relied on Google Maps to find their way in the early hours of the day. Little did they know that this digital guide would lead them into a life-threatening situation.

The Unexpected Turn

Following Google Maps, the men found themselves on a narrow road. Using the vehicle’s headlights, they noticed some water ahead but failed to recognize the danger that lurked. They didn’t realize they were approaching a bridge with no sidewalls, flanked by a river on both sides.

The Swollen River

The river was swollen from recent rains, creating a treacherous path. The absence of sidewalls on the bridge added to the peril, making it nearly impossible to discern the boundaries of the road and the river.

The Critical Moment

As they drove forward, their car was suddenly swept away by the strong water currents. The vehicle began to drift, and panic set in. However, fate intervened as the car got stuck in a tree on the riverbank, providing a lifeline amidst the chaos.

The Rescue Operation

In a stroke of luck, Abdul Rasheed and his companion managed to open the car door and escape the vehicle. They quickly contacted Fire Force personnel, sending their location and awaiting rescue. The Fire Force team arrived promptly, using ropes to pull the men to safety from the raging waters.

Surviving the Ordeal

Reflecting on the experience, Abdul Rasheed expressed profound gratitude and a sense of rebirth. “We never thought that we could come back to life. We truly feel that it is a rebirth,” he said, overwhelmed by the narrow escape.

The Role of Technology

This incident underscores both the benefits and limitations of relying on technology like Google Maps. While it provides convenience and guidance, it also highlights the need for caution, especially in rural or unfamiliar areas. It’s crucial to verify routes and be aware of the surrounding environment.

Similar Incidents

Interestingly, this wasn’t an isolated incident. Just last month, a group of tourists from Hyderabad experienced a similar fate when they drove into a swollen stream near Kuruppanthara in Kottayam, also guided by Google Maps. Fortunately, they were rescued unharmed by a nearby police patrol unit and local residents, though their vehicle was completely submerged.

Safety Precautions

To avoid such dangerous situations, it’s essential to follow some safety tips:

  • Always verify your route, especially in rural areas.
  • Be cautious of environmental conditions and potential hazards.
  • Do not solely rely on navigation apps; cross-check with local information when possible.
  • If you encounter a flooded area, do not attempt to cross it. Find an alternative route.

Community and Rescue Services

The quick response from Fire Force personnel and the assistance of local patrol units play a vital role in such rescues. Community involvement and prompt action can make the difference between life and death in emergencies.

Impact on Social Media

The visuals of the rescue operation went viral, capturing the attention of social media users. Public reactions ranged from relief to astonishment, with many praising the bravery and efficiency of the Fire Force team. Such viral moments help raise awareness about safety and the importance of preparedness.

Environmental Considerations

Incidents like these bring to light the challenges posed by natural elements. Swollen rivers and poor infrastructure can create hazardous conditions. Improving infrastructure, such as building sidewalls on bridges and better flood management, is crucial to prevent future mishaps.


This harrowing incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability of nature and the importance of safety measures. While technology can guide us, it is our responsibility to stay vigilant and prepared. The bravery of the rescue teams and the resilience of the survivors are commendable, emphasizing the need for robust safety protocols and community support.

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