Amit Shah’s Roadmap for a Secure and Prosperous India: New Laws, NPR Updates, and Regional Stability

The priority for Shah is to execute three new criminal laws: the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, the Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita, and the Bharatiya Sakshya Act. In February, the Centre published three gazette notifications stating that the new legislation will take effect on July 1.

In a post on X, Shah thanked Prime Minister Modi for reassigning him to the Home and Cooperation Ministries. “In Modi 3.0, the MHA will expedite and improve security efforts while introducing innovative techniques to achieve PM Modi’s goal of a safe Bharat. Under Modi Ji’s competent leadership, the Ministry of Cooperation will continue to be dedicated to uplifting farmers and communities through the vision of ‘Sahakaar Se Samriddhi’.”

Other concerns requiring the government’s attention include decisions on the National Population Register (NPR), the Census, the restoration of statehood in Jammu and Kashmir, and the resolution of the ethnic strife in Manipur.

The task of updating NPR was halted owing to the emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic, and all field operations were postponed. “To update the NPR database, a three-prong technique will be used. It will involve self-updating, in which residents will update their data after completing certain authentication requirements, as well as updating NPR data in print and mobile formats. During the exercise, each family and individual’s demographics and other information will be gathered and updated. “No documents or biometrics will be collected during the update,” an official said, adding that the Centre has already authorized Rs 3,941 crore for the project.

Since the announcement of the Census exercise and its postponement due to the pandemic in 2020, the deadline for freezing jurisdictional borders has been extended many times. The Census enumeration, which was slated for 2021, has been put back to October 2024. “The Centre is coordinating with all the security agencies to smoothly conduct the Assembly elections in J&K this year,” added the source.

Amit Shah’s Gratitude and Vision

Amit Shah thanked Prime Minister Modi after being moved to the Home and Cooperation ministries. He emphasized his commitment to the goal of a safe Bharat, highlighting the significance of expediting security activities and using novel techniques. Shah also emphasized the Ministry of Cooperation’s commitment to empowering farmers and communities, as shown in the goal of ‘Sahakaar Se Samriddhi’ (Prosperity via Cooperation).

Three New Criminal Laws.

The Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita, and Bharatiya Sakshya Acts are expected to overhaul India’s criminal justice system. These laws, which take effect on July 1, seek to modernize and simplify the legal framework, improving the effectiveness of law enforcement and the judicial system.

Implementation Strategy

Implementing these new legislation requires a multifaceted approach. Training law enforcement officers, modernizing legal infrastructure, and raising public awareness are all critical tasks. The administration has established clear milestones for tracking progress and ensuring timely implementation.

National Population Register (NPR) Update

The NPR is an essential instrument for keeping an accurate and up-to-date demographic database. Its importance extends to planning, policymaking, and the delivery of public services. The government has developed a three-pronged strategy for updating the NPR, concentrating on self-updating, paper format updating and mobile mode updating.

Self-updating Protocol

Residents will have an important role in updating their own NPR data. This method entails adhering to specified authentication standards to guarantee correctness and dependability. Empowering locals to update their information increases the NPR’s inclusion and comprehensiveness.

Paper Format Updating

Those who are unable to update their data online have the option of doing it on paper. Field personnel will be in charge of collecting and updating data, ensuring that all inhabitants, regardless of access to technology, are included in the NPR update.

Mobile Mode Updating

Mobile technologies will be used to support NPR updates. This technique is convenient and flexible, enabling residents to update their information on the move. Despite its advantages, this method brings several obstacles, such as guaranteeing data security and addressing technological concerns.

No collection of documents or biometrics.

One important feature of the NPR update is the promise that no papers or biometrics would be gathered. This proposal solves privacy issues while simplifying the updating process, and encouraging more involvement.

Census Exercise Postponement

The Census, which was initially set for 2021, has been moved to October 2024 owing to the epidemic. This delay has resulted in several extensions of the deadline for freezing jurisdictional borders, which is an important phase in the Census process.

Freezing of Jurisdictional Boundaries

To guarantee the accuracy of Census data, jurisdictional borders must be properly established and frozen. The frequent delays have created obstacles, but the government is working hard to fix these concerns and go forward with the Census.

Assembly Elections in Jammu & Kashmir

The peaceful holding of Assembly elections in Jammu & Kashmir is a top concern. The Centre is working with all security authorities to ensure a peaceful and orderly election.

Statehood Restoration in Jammu & Kashmir

Restoring statehood to Jammu and Kashmir remains a major priority. The administration is adopting a cautious approach, focused on restoring confidence and stability before moving forward with the rehabilitation process.

Ethnic Conflict in Manipur.

The ethnic strife in Manipur is a difficult subject that requires cautious treatment. The administration is dedicated to resolving the problem via discussion, development measures, and promoting community peace.


Amit Shah’s redeployment as Home Minister lends increased attention to critical security and administrative efforts. Shah’s term promises to be effective, from enacting new criminal legislation to modernizing the NPR and dealing with regional tensions. His dedication to Prime Minister Modi’s goal of a safe and prosperous Bharat paves the way for considerable development in the coming years.

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