Analysts Set New Target Prices for Nvidia as Earnings Approach

Nvidia, based in Santa Clara, California, tripled its market value.
Recognized as the world’s foremost AI chip producer.

AI enables machines to learn, adapt, and perform human-like tasks.

9 out of 10 organizations support AI for gaining a competitive edge.

Excels in AI due to superior software and graphic processing units.
GPUs outperform traditional CPUs in handling AI’s heavy workloads.
Sales and profit skyrocketed with increasing demand for AI-capable networks.

Sales of Nvidia’s AI chips, including A100 and H200, surged 206%.
Reached $18.1 billion in the third quarter.
Colette Kress, Nvidia’s CFO, highlights the “enterprise wave of AI adoption.”

Nvidia is scheduled to report Q4 earnings on Feb. 21.
Analysts anticipate earnings of $4.56 per share on revenue of $20.2 billion.
Last year, Nvidia earned 88 cents per share on $6.1 billion in sales.

Mizuho raises Nvidia’s price target to $825, citing a strong outlook.
Maintains a buy rating on the shares.
UBS raises price target to $850 and expects a robust earnings beat.
Customer discussions confirm Nvidia’s lead times have improved substantially.

Goldman Sachs analyst Toshiya Hari adds Nvidia to conviction buy.
Raises price target by $175 to $800 per share.
Believes Nvidia will remain the industry gold standard.

Some express concerns about potential fear of missing out (FOMO).
Evercore ISI’s Julian Emanuel notes FOMO in the market.
Investors, recalling the dot-com boom, are more worried about being underinvested.

Nvidia’s dominance in AI technology positions it for continued success.
Analysts express optimism, setting higher price targets.
While some caution about market sentiments, the overall outlook remains positive.

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