Coal India’s fourth-quarter net profit increased by 26%

Coal India Ltd (CIL), the government-owned coal mining business, has issued its financial report for the quarter ending March 31, 2024, highlighting strong performance despite a variety of economic headwinds.

CIL recorded a stunning 26% increase in overall net profit, hitting Rs 8,640.5 crore vs Rs 6,869.5 crore in the same time the previous year. Despite this excellent bottom-line expansion, both operating revenue and consolidated sales declined significantly.

Consolidated Net Profit
The large rise in consolidated net profit demonstrates CIL’s ability to maximize operational efficiency and successfully control expenses. This increase is especially impressive considering the present market dynamics and problems confronting the coal sector.

Revenue and Sales Performance
However, CIL’s revenue from operations and consolidated sales decreased by about 2 percent and 1.8 percent, respectively. This reduction might be due to a variety of causes, including market instability and shifts in demand patterns.

Dividend Declaration
To reward shareholders, CIL’s board announced its third interim dividend for fiscal year 2023-24 at Rs 5 per share. This dividend, together with earlier interim distributions, takes the total dividend for the fiscal year to Rs 25.50 per share, demonstrating the company’s commitment to shareholder value.

Analyst Estimates:
Analysts predict a good trend for CIL’s revenue in Q4FY24, with an 8.7% growth over the previous year. Similarly, there is optimism about Profit After Tax (PAT), which is expected to increase by 27 percent year on year.

Market Performance:
Despite marginally missing analyst sales predictions, CIL’s bottom line performance beat projections for the January-March quarter. However, on May 2, CIL’s shares fell slightly, ending at Rs 452 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

In the fourth quarter of FY24, CIL’s EBITDA increased significantly to Rs 13,656.1 crore from Rs 11,624.1 crore the previous year. This increase in EBITDA was matched by an increase in EBITDA margin, which reached 36.5 percent vs 30.5 percent in the previous fiscal quarter.

Production and Offtake
The business recorded an increase in raw coal output, which reached 241.751 million tonnes in the quarter, up from 224.16 million tonnes in the same time the previous year. Additionally, the offtake of raw coal increased, suggesting improved operational performance.

Expense Analysis
Employee benefit expenditures fell significantly year on year, but contractual and financial costs rose somewhat. These spending patterns indicate the company’s attempts to maintain operating expenses while assuring long-term development.

Sales Volume and Realization
CIL’s sales volume increased despite lower average realization in Fuel Supply Agreement (FSA) categories. The growth in sales volume, notably in the FSA area, boosted the company’s financial performance.

Comparative Realization
When comparing coal realization between FY23 and FY24, there is a significant decline in realization per tonne of coal in both the FSA and e-auction categories. This reduction reflects the coal industry’s changing market dynamics and price pressures.

In conclusion, Coal India Ltd’s financial performance for the quarter ended March 31, 2024, demonstrates resilience and flexibility in the face of adverse market circumstances. The company’s ability to maximize operational efficiency, minimize expenses, and maintain growth momentum bodes well for future undertakings.

Unique FAQs

What factors led to Coal India’s increase in consolidated net profits?
Coal India’s increase in consolidated net profit may be ascribed to several reasons, including operational efficiency, cost-cutting efforts, and good market circumstances.

How did CIL’s revenue and sales perform in the January-March period?
While CIL’s operating and consolidated revenue was down somewhat, its bottom-line performance surpassed expectations, demonstrating resilience in the face of market headwinds.

How did the third interim dividend declaration affect shareholders?
The third interim dividend declaration, like prior dividends, demonstrates CIL’s commitment to shareholder value and trust in the company’s financial health.

What were the main features of CIL’s market performance on May 2?
Despite a modest decline in share price, CIL’s market performance remains strong, with analysts optimistic about future growth possibilities.

How do variations in coal realization between FY23 and FY24 represent market trends?
The drop in coal realization per tonne across both the FSA and e-auction categories reflects changing market dynamics and price pressures in the coal business.

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