Crypto Access Hiccups in Nigeria, Cybersecurity Breaches, and Tech Updates: A Quick Overview

Cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria face accessibility issues for users.
Speculation arises about imposed restrictions on crypto sites.
Nigeria’s apex bank allegedly instructs the telecom regulator to suspend access to crypto websites, including Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken.
Binance imposes limits on peer-to-peer transactions trading the USDT/NGN pair.
Restrictions coincide with the naira’s fall to record lows.
Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken become popular for peer-to-peer features after the central bank’s restrictions on local financial institutions.
The recent decline of the naira prompts Binance to impose trade restrictions.
Crypto platforms serve as a hedge against the frequent devaluation of the naira for many users.
The Nigerian government sees restricting access as a move to regain control over the naira’s valuation.
Exchanges play a significant role in determining unofficial exchange rates for the naira.
Platforms like Binance often serve as benchmarks for local foreign exchange rates.

The long-term effects of the recent actions are yet to unfold.
Presidential spokesman confirms Nigeria’s directive to block access to cryptocurrency trading platforms.
Binance assures users of the accessibility of their accounts and the security of their funds.
Users in Nigeria report difficulties accessing Binance, but access is currently restored.
UnitedHealth Group reports a cybersecurity breach in its subsidiary Change Healthcare.
Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic, engages in a dispute over content moderation on Tumblr during his sabbatical.
Intuitive Machines successfully land a spacecraft on the lunar surface.
European Commission hints at a ruling against Apple in Spotify’s competition complaint.
Reddit’s IPO prospects may be influenced by relationships with AI vendors like OpenAI.

FTC bans Avast from selling consumers’ web browsing data to advertisers.
PlayStation VR is often overlooked in mixed reality conversations; Sony endures in the market.
Google sunsets Gmail’s basic HTML view starting January 2024.

Social network Bluesky opens up federation following its public launch.
Yorba, a startup, helps users manage and secure their online accounts and subscriptions.
Nikola sells Badger electric pickup truck assets it was supposed to build with General Motors.
Substack updates its peer-to-peer recommendation system to help writers expand their reach.

NFT space is down from all-time highs, but brands can still find value, says Steve Kaczynski.
Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler is considering testing equity crowdfunding for a new project.
Adults on TikTok lean camera-shy, with 48% of respondents never posting a video, according to a Pew Research Center study.

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