Hyderabad Woman Raped In Car By Real Estate Salesmen Who Spiked Her Drink

In a distressing incident that underscores the urgent need for heightened awareness around workplace safety and harassment, a woman working in a real estate firm in Hyderabad was allegedly sexually assaulted by her co-workers after they spiked her cold drink. The incident has shocked the community and sparked conversations about the safety of women in professional environments.

Background of the Incident

The victim, a dedicated saleswoman, had joined the real estate firm with the hope of carving out a successful career. Her role involved extensive interaction with clients and colleagues, including Janardhan and Sanga Reddy, who have now been accused of committing this heinous crime.

The Day of the Incident

On Sunday, the victim’s day began like any other. She went to work, prepared for her tasks, and met with her colleagues. Little did she know that the day would take a horrifying turn.

Journey to Yadagirigutta

The victim was picked up from her hostel by Janardhan and Sanga Reddy, who informed her that they needed to visit a site in Yadagirigutta for work purposes. Trusting her colleagues, she agreed to accompany them on the trip.

The Incident at the Under-Construction Building

As they were returning from Yadagirigutta, the car allegedly broke down near an under-construction building. The two men claimed they needed to wait for help, setting the stage for their malicious plans.

The Suspicious Cold Drink

The accused offered the victim food, which she refused. However, they persuaded her to have a cold drink, which she eventually accepted. Shortly after consuming the drink, she began feeling dizzy and disoriented, raising suspicions that the drink had been spiked.

Alleged Assault

Taking advantage of her vulnerable state, Janardhan and Sanga Reddy allegedly stripped her in the car and sexually assaulted her throughout the night. The victim also reported being beaten, resulting in severe body pain.

Return to the Hostel

In the early hours of the morning, the accused left the victim at her hostel in Miyapur and fled the scene. The victim, in a state of shock and physical pain, mustered the courage to report the incident to the authorities.

Filing the Complaint

Upon reaching her hostel, the victim immediately reported the assault to the police. Her bravery in coming forward was met with prompt action, as the police began their investigation into the incident.

Arrest of the Accused

Janardhan and Sanga Reddy were swiftly apprehended by the police and charged with multiple offenses. Their arrest marks the beginning of the legal process, which aims to bring justice to the victim.

Impact on the Victim

The physical and emotional scars of such an ordeal are profound. The victim is receiving medical care and psychological support to help her cope with the trauma. It is crucial for her to have access to robust support systems during this challenging time.

Workplace Harassment Awareness

This incident highlights the critical need for awareness and prevention of workplace harassment. Employers must take proactive steps to create safe environments, including regular training and clear policies against harassment.

Legal Framework for Workplace Harassment

In India, there are stringent laws designed to protect employees from harassment, such as the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. It is essential for employees to be aware of their rights and for employers to enforce these laws diligently.

Community and Social Response

The public response to this incident has been one of outrage and solidarity with the victim. Social media and advocacy groups have played a pivotal role in amplifying her story and demanding justice.


This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities faced by women in the workplace. It is a call to action for employers, employees, and society as a whole to be vigilant and proactive in preventing harassment and ensuring a safe working environment for all.

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