India fights back against online lies in its big election

As nearly a billion voters in India start on a massive trip to cast their votes in the world’s biggest general elections, one man stands at the center of a crucial mission – Indian Forest Service worker Surya Sen. While his normal role involves operating a city zoo, during the elections, Sen’s duties take a dramatic turn as he becomes a guardian against the flood of online lies, trying to maintain peace and order.

The Role of Indian Forest Service Official Surya Sen

In the middle of the hectic election season, Sen changes his focus from the calm of a zoo to fighting the rapid spread of lies. This change underscores the dynamic nature of his tasks, showing the diverse challenges faced by officials during elections.

Challenges Faced During General Elections

The landscape of elections is filled with challenges, chief among them being the widespread spreading of lies. Social media emerges as a growing ground for lies, increasing the spread of manufactured tales and toxic content.

Strategies Employed by Sen and His Team

Sen uses a multi-faceted method to handle the widespread problem of falsehoods. Collaborating with external agencies, his team utilizes complex phrase-tracking software to watch important views and discover potential disruptions to the election process.

High-Stakes Nature of the Job

The stakes couldn’t be higher for Sen and his team as they manage the dangerous seas of online lies. Recent events, such as the spread of AI-generated deepfake videos targeting political people, highlight the seriousness of their mission.

Collaboration with Election Commission

In close interaction with the Election Commission, Sen’s team is tasked with effectively fighting fake news on social media platforms. Their efforts are boosted by instructions to social media giants to remove damaging material and civil action against breakers.

Sen’s Daily Operations

With a steady stream of alerts filling his message app, Sen stays watchful against possible threats to public order. Recognizing the complexity of their job, Sen emphasizes the necessity of sharing knowledge to effectively fight falsehoods.

Action Taken Against Suspect Posts

Suspect posts are quickly reported to top election officials for further action, showing a joint effort to protect the purity of the voting process. Instances of civil action serve as a warning against those trying to upset the political process.

Impact of Increasing Internet Users in India

The exponential growth of internet users in India offers both possibilities and obstacles. While it enables greater connection, it also feeds the spread of lies, stressing the importance of watchful tracking.

Challenges Faced by Teams in Different States

Disparities in funding and training offer major problems for teams working in different states. Despite the committed efforts of people like Harsh Vardhan Singh in Uttar Pradesh, the lack of official training and specialized tools hinders their effectiveness.


As the world’s largest democracy grapples with the difficulties of elections, people like Surya Sen emerge as hidden heroes in the fight against lies. Their steadfast dedication to keeping the democratic ideals serves as a symbol of hope in an increasingly digital world.

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