India’s Tech Triumph: Praise for PM Modi’s Leadership in Global AI Summit

In the past few years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership has been praised by many, especially Indian business leaders in the IT industry. The Indiaspora AI Summit 2024, which took place at the University of Stanford in California, gave these leaders a chance to praise PM Modi’s work to make India a genuine star in innovation and technology around the world. Let’s look at the most important parts of what they said and how PM Modi’s leadership is changing India’s future in the tech world.

How people around the world see India

The CEO of Informatica, Amit Walia, talked about how India’s image is changing on the world stage. He praised India as a hub of innovation and human capital under PM Modi’s guidance. Walia’s comments emphasized how India has become a place where people want to spend and make progress. He credited many of these changes to Prime Minister Modi’s efforts, which have put India on the world stage as a respectable inventor.

The government’s focus on new ideas

Ashutosh Kulkarni, CEO of Elastic, agreed with Walia and praised the Indian government for being open to business and new ideas. Kulkarni praised PM Modi and his government for recognizing India’s huge potential and leading the country toward progress. People in charge of businesses, like Kulkarni, have praised the government’s efforts to encourage new ideas.

PM Modi’s Leadership and India-US Relationship

Navin Chaddha, Managing Partner at Mayfield Fund, praised PM Modi’s leadership for improving relations between India and the US. Chaddha noted PM Modi’s ability to connect with the Indian community, especially in the tech industry, stressing the beneficial cooperation between the two nations under PM Modi’s era.

PM Modi’s Insights on Artificial Intelligence

Addressing the meeting via video chat, PM Modi stressed the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the need for caution in its implementation. He recognized AI’s potential for social benefit but warned against its abuse, particularly citing the danger posed by deep fake videos. PM Modi repeated India’s resolve to create a global framework for AI to ensure its responsible and decent usage.

Challenges with Deep Fake Videos

PM Modi’s worries regarding deep fake videos put light on the changing environment of digital manipulation. He urged for heightened awareness and caution, stressing the importance of checking information in an era where AI-generated content can blur the lines between truth and fantasy.

Expectations from PM Modi

Speaker and moderator Rohit Jain of Harvard Business School’s CIO urged PM Modi to go above and beyond with his commitments. Jain praised PM Modi’s track record of meeting vows and suggested an increase in commitment levels to catalyze even greater progress under his guidance.

Impact on the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Priya Rajan, Managing Director at MUFG, stressed the changing effect of PM Modi’s guidance on the business environment. Rajan noticed a rise in venture capital investment in India, linking it to the positive environment created by PM Modi’s policies.

Participation of Satnam Singh Sandhu

Satnam Singh Sandhu, Rajya Sabha MP, stressed PM Modi’s strategic strategy for utilizing AI to shape India’s future. Sandhu’s comments matched the attitude of leveraging technology for social development and fair growth, as supported by PM Modi.


The Indiaspora AI Summit 2024 served as proof of PM Modi’s guidance and strategy for India’s technology progress. The plaudits from Indian-origin business leaders underscored PM Modi’s efforts to place India as a global leader in creativity and technology. As India navigates the difficulties of the digital age, PM Modi’s guidance stays vital in guiding the nation towards a better, tech-driven future.

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