New York’s Credit Card Surcharge Mandate: Key Changes Unveiled

A weekend law shakes up how businesses in New York handle credit card payments.

Customers must be informed about potential credit card surcharges.

Starting this Sunday, businesses must display total costs, including surcharges.

Options for businesses: display one total price or separate credit/cash prices.

The law demands credit card surcharges match the exact amounts charged by companies.

Changes prohibit displaying just percentages for credit card surcharges.

Notably, this rule excludes debit cards; it’s solely for credit.

The goal is to shield New Yorkers from unexpected credit card costs.

Governor Hochul envisions an environment where purchases won’t surprise patrons.

Transparency, crucial for trust, is the foundation of this law.

Patrons, now empowered, can budget wisely in this shopping landscape.

The law aims to simplify pricing information, enhancing the shopping experience.

Governor Hochul’s commitment to transparency and protection is evident.

Businesses adapting hope patrons make informed, confident, and budget-conscious decisions.

The focus shifts to compliance, with the state department providing guidelines.

A video guide aids businesses, ensuring they understand the acceptable practices.

Notably, signs can no longer display only the percentage increase for credit cards.

Customers are now spared from mental math; signs must show total costs.

Debit card users breathe a sigh of relief as the rule excludes them.

Governor Hochul’s emphasis on shielding consumers echoes in her statements.

This law positions itself as a shield against hidden credit card costs.

The relationship between patrons and businesses is evolving with these changes.

Patrons, equipped with knowledge, can confidently navigate the shopping landscape.

A law born out of transparency strives to eliminate surprise surcharges.

Video guides make it clear: no more percentages, just clear, total prices.

The exclusion of debit cards is a deliberate move, easing concerns.

Governor Hochul’s vision includes patrons who trust their purchases won’t surprise.

Transparency becomes not just a goal but a cornerstone for the future.

Patrons now have the power to budget effectively and make informed choices.

The overarching theme remains clear: protecting consumers and building trust.

With each business adapting, the shopping landscape is set for transformation.

Confidence, informed choices, and transparency – are the pillars of this new era.

The hope is for a future where patrons shop without hidden cost concerns.

As businesses align with the new norm, patrons enjoy an enhanced shopping experience.

Governor Hochul’s commitment shines through, shaping a transparent and trustworthy future.

At last, the credit card surcharge mandate in New York signifies a shift.

It’s a shift towards transparency, protection, and a more informed shopping experience.

Patrons and businesses, now on a level playing field, navigate this new landscape.

New York’s credit card surcharge mandate: a step towards a transparent shopping future.

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