Nvidia Stock: Analysts Raise Price Target, Ahead of Q4 Print

Nvidia’s stock records a 45.7% YTD growth in 2024.
Market cap surpasses Amazon, nearing Alphabet.
Analysts lift price targets for NVDA, hinting at more gains.
Q4 Fiscal 2024 financial results are set for release on February 21.

Arcuri raises Nvidia’s target to $850, indicating a 17.85% upside.
The buy recommendation was reaffirmed on February 13.
Anticipates Q4 beat due to strong AI demand.

Rakesh raises NVDA’s target to $825, signaling a 14.38% upside.
Maintains a Buy recommendation, emphasizing Nvidia’s AI prominence.
Estimates boosted confidence in Nvidia as a leading player.

Wall Street expects Nvidia to report $20.23 billion in revenue.
A significant increase from the prior year’s $6.05 billion.
Data Center business to drive growth, fueled by AI.

Analysts project Nvidia to achieve $4.56 per share earnings.
Significant rise from $0.88 in the previous year’s quarter.

Strong Buy consensus rating ahead of Q4 earnings.
The consensus includes 34 Buy and four Hold recommendations.

Nvidia stock soared by over 214% in the past year.
Analysts’ average target of $703.30 implies 2.49% downside.

Nvidia’s outstanding 45.7% YTD growth showcases its robust performance.
Market capitalization exceeding Amazon and nearing Alphabet underscores its prominence.
Analysts’ heightened optimism, reflected in increased price targets, suggests confidence in continued upward momentum.
The scheduled release of Q4 Fiscal 2024 financial results on February 21 fuels anticipation in the market.

UBS analyst Timothy Arcuri’s upward revision of Nvidia’s target to $850 reveals confidence.
This adjustment implies a 17.85% upside potential, reinforcing a Buy recommendation.
The analyst’s reaffirmation of the Buy recommendation on February 13 indicates a positive outlook.
Arcuri’s expectation of a solid Q4 beat is rooted in the sustained strength of artificial intelligence (AI) demand.

Mizuho Securities analyst Vijay Rakesh aligns with the positive sentiment, raising NVDA’s target to $825.
This adjustment indicates a 14.38% upside potential, maintaining the Buy recommendation.
Rakesh’s confidence is evident in the boosted estimates, positioning Nvidia as a prominent player in AI.
The emphasis on Nvidia’s role as a top AI player underscores the analyst’s bullish perspective.

Wall Street’s anticipation of Nvidia reporting $20.23 billion in Q4 revenue reflects impressive growth.
This projection signifies a substantial increase from the $6.05 billion reported in the prior year quarter.
The expected growth in the Data Center business, driven by strong demand for AI computing, adds to the positive outlook.

The anticipation of Nvidia achieving $4.56 per share in Q4 earnings is a noteworthy advancement.
This projected increase from $0.88 in the prior year quarter highlights the company’s robust financial performance.

The consensus among analysts solidly supports buying NVDA stock ahead of Q4 earnings.
A Strong Buy rating reflects the consensus, comprising 34 Buy and four Hold recommendations.
The collective analyst sentiment reinforces the positive outlook for Nvidia’s future performance in the market.

Nvidia’s remarkable stock growth of over 214% in the past year is a testament to its market strength.
Despite this surge, analysts’ average target of $703.30 suggests a slight 2.49% downside potential.
The juxtaposition of exceptional growth and the conservative price target provides a balanced perspective for investors.

Nvidia’s 45.7% YTD growth positions it as a standout performer.
The market capitalization milestone, surpassing Amazon and nearing Alphabet, further solidifies its market presence.

Analysts’ increased price targets underscore confidence in continued positive momentum.
The upcoming Q4 Fiscal 2024 financial results are eagerly awaited, with Wall Street expecting substantial revenue growth.

Analysts’ consensus, with a Strong Buy rating, reaffirms the positive outlook for Nvidia.
The stock’s impressive one-year growth and a slightly conservative average price target paint a nuanced picture for potential investors.
Overall, Nvidia remains a focal point in the market, poised for continued success.

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