Salman Khan’s assassination plan by the Bishnoi gang: Rs 25 lakh contract, sophisticated weaponry

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has always been in the limelight, but recent revelations have brought a dark cloud over his life. A new chargesheet filed against five individuals accused of plotting to assassinate the beloved actor has sent shockwaves through the industry and his fan base. The Navi Mumbai police have uncovered a chilling conspiracy that involved a contract worth Rs 25 lakh to kill Salman Khan. Let’s delve into the details of this sinister plot and understand the broader implications.

The Shocking Chargesheet

The Plot Details

The chargesheet revealed that the accused were not merely planning but actively organizing to assassinate Salman Khan. The individuals involved belonged to the notorious Lawrence Bishnoi gang, known for its criminal activities and connections.

The Role of Lawrence Bishnoi’s Gang

Lawrence Bishnoi, currently imprisoned in Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati prison, is no stranger to criminal activities. His gang is infamous for its ruthless operations, and this plot against Salman Khan highlights the extent of their reach and influence.

Key Players in the Plot

Lawrence Bishnoi

As the mastermind behind the plot, Lawrence Bishnoi’s name is synonymous with organized crime in India. His incarceration has not hindered his ability to orchestrate such heinous plans, showcasing the deep-rooted issues within the prison system.

Anmol Bishnoi

Anmol Bishnoi, Lawrence’s younger brother, plays a significant role in the gang’s operations. His involvement in the plot underscores the familial ties that often bind criminal enterprises.

The Five Accused

The chargesheet names five individuals directly involved in the assassination plot. Their identities and roles within the gang are crucial pieces of the puzzle that law enforcement agencies are trying to solve.

The Planned Attack

The Assault Outside Salman Khan’s Residence

On April 14, two men on motorbikes fired multiple rounds outside Salman Khan’s upscale Bandra residence in Mumbai. This brazen attack was a clear message of the gang’s intentions and capabilities.

The Farmhouse Conspiracy

The gang also planned an attack near Salman Khan’s farmhouse in Panvel. This location, away from the city’s hustle and bustle, was seen as an opportune spot to carry out their deadly mission.

The Weapon Acquisition Plan

Modern Weapons from Abroad

The gang’s plans included acquiring modern weapons from abroad. This international dimension of the plot highlights the sophisticated nature of their operations and their extensive network.

The Zigana Pistol

One of the chilling details revealed was the gang’s intent to use a Turkey-made Zigana pistol, the same type of weapon used in the assassination of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala in 2022. This choice of weapon shows a pattern and perhaps a message of intimidation.

Contact with Arms Dealers in Pakistan

During interrogation, one of the accused revealed contact with an arms dealer in Pakistan to procure M16, AK-47, and AK-92 rifles. This international arms connection raises serious concerns about cross-border criminal activities.

The Investigation

Role of Navi Mumbai Police

The Navi Mumbai police have been pivotal in uncovering this plot. Their diligence and proactive measures have brought these sinister plans to light, averting a potential tragedy.

Infiltration of WhatsApp Groups

A key aspect of the investigation involved infiltrating the WhatsApp and social media groups of the Bishnoi gang. This digital sleuthing provided crucial intelligence on the gang’s plans and communications.

Tracking Social Media Chatter

By monitoring social media chatter, the police could track the movements and plans of the gang members, enabling them to thwart the assassination plot before it could be executed.

Legal Actions and Arrests

Case Against 17 Individuals

The police have registered a case against 17 individuals, including Lawrence Bishnoi and his brother Anmol. This broad scope indicates the widespread involvement in the plot and the extensive efforts to bring all conspirators to justice.

Lawrence Bishnoi’s Imprisonment

Lawrence Bishnoi’s continued criminal activities from prison highlight the challenges faced by the Indian penal system in curbing the influence of incarcerated gang leaders.

Deputy Commissioner’s Insights

Vivek Pansare’s Statement

Vivek Pansare, Deputy Commissioner of Police Zone II (Panvel), provided insights into the investigation, underscoring the thoroughness and dedication of the police force in preventing the attack.

September-October 2023 Intelligence

The senior inspector of Panvel police station received critical intelligence in September-October 2023 about the conspiracy, leading to heightened surveillance and eventual intervention.

The Broader Implications

Celebrity Safety Concerns

This plot against Salman Khan raises significant concerns about the safety of celebrities in India. It underscores the need for enhanced security measures and constant vigilance.

Gang-Related Violence in India

The involvement of the Bishnoi gang in such high-profile plots highlights the pervasive issue of gang-related violence and the challenges law enforcement agencies face in curbing these activities.

The Impact on Salman Khan

Personal and Professional Life

The assassination plot has undoubtedly impacted Salman Khan’s personal and professional life. The constant threat to his life necessitates increased security, affecting his daily routines and professional engagements.

Security Measures Taken

In response to the threat, stringent security measures have been implemented to protect Salman Khan. These include round-the-clock surveillance and coordination with law enforcement agencies.

Public Reaction

Fans’ Outrage and Support

Salman Khan’s fans have expressed outrage and concern over the assassination plot. Their support for the actor has been unwavering, with many voicing their solidarity on social media.

Media Coverage

The media has extensively covered the plot, bringing to light the various aspects of the investigation and the efforts of the police in preventing the attack.

Comparative Cases

The Sidhu Moosewala Case

The planned use of the Zigana pistol, the same weapon used in the assassination of Sidhu Moosewala, draws a chilling parallel between the two cases. It highlights a pattern in the gang’s operations and their method of intimidation.

Other Celebrity Assassination Attempts

This plot is not an isolated incident. There have been other attempts on the lives of celebrities, reflecting the broader issue of targeted violence against public figures.

Preventative Measures

Law Enforcement Strategies

The successful prevention of the attack on Salman Khan showcases the importance of effective law enforcement strategies, including intelligence gathering and proactive surveillance.

Enhancing Celebrity Security

Going forward, there is a pressing need to enhance security measures for celebrities. This includes physical security, digital monitoring, and coordinated efforts between private security and law enforcement agencies.

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