The Battle Over Bitcoin: COPA Rejects Craig Wright’s Claim

Lawyers from the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) emphasize the need to dismiss Craig Wright’s assertion of being Bitcoin’s creator.
The legal clash initiated in 2021 continues, with Wright facing off against COPA and Bitcoin Core developers, asserting he is Satoshi Nakamoto and holds Bitcoin’s foundational document copyrights.

COPA labels Wright’s claim as a “brazen lie” supported by massive forgery.
A 2023 trial mandated by a UK judge compelled Wright to present evidence supporting his Nakamoto claims, setting the stage for the current legal proceedings.

Since 2016, Wright, claiming to be Bitcoin’s creator, filed lawsuits against dissenters, including podcaster Peter McCormack and Hodlnaut.
Non-cryptocurrency entities, like Apple, faced copyright accusations from Wright after the Bitcoin whitepaper was found in MacOS.

Formed in 2020 and backed by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, COPA advocates for Bitcoin and open-source community freedom.
COPA argues that Wright’s prolonged failure to substantiate claims puts the burden of proof squarely on his shoulders.

COPA contends that the court provided ample opportunities for Wright to prove his identity, a vital precursor to addressing copyright infringement claims.
Due to Wright’s inability to provide convincing evidence, COPA urges the court to prevent him from intimidating the Bitcoin developer community with unsubstantiated claims.

Wright’s attempt to avoid a new trial involved a settlement offer to waive specific rights related to Bitcoin databases and provide licenses to opposing parties.
COPA rejects the offer, highlighting loopholes that could empower Wright to sue again and emphasizing his history of document forgery and dishonesty.

COPA dismisses Wright’s settlement offer, questioning its accuracy and sincerity, citing concerns about potential loopholes.
The rejection underscores COPA’s commitment to safeguarding the Bitcoin community from intimidation and false narratives.
As the courtroom drama unfolds, the fate of Wright’s assertion and its potential implications for the broader cryptocurrency space remains uncertain.

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