Thief leaves apology note after robbing Tamil Nadu house, vows to return items

Imagine coming back from a trip to find your home ransacked, valuables missing, but amidst the chaos, an apology note from the thief. This is exactly what happened to a retired teacher and his wife in Tamil Nadu. The intriguing incident has captured the attention of the public, not only because of the robbery but also due to the unexpected promise of the thief to return the stolen items.

Background of the Incident

Selvin and his wife, both retired teachers, decided to visit their son in Chennai on June 17. Their absence from their home on Sathankulam Road in Megnanapuram provided an opportunity for an unexpected intruder. The couple had arranged for a domestic help, Selvi, to periodically clean their house while they were away.

Discovery of the Robbery

On June 26, when Selvi arrived at the house, she was startled to find the main door ajar. Her immediate reaction was to contact Selvin and inform him about the suspicious situation. The realization of a possible robbery dawned upon her as she peered into the disarray inside.

Selvin’s Reaction

Upon receiving the alarming call from Selvi, Selvin rushed back to Megnanapuram. The sight that greeted him was distressing: Rs 60,000 in cash, 12 grams of gold jewelry, and a pair of silver anklets were missing. The robbery had left the household in shambles, and Selvin’s immediate concern was to contact the police.

The Apology Note

Amidst the mess, a note left by the thief caught Selvin’s attention. The note read, “Forgive me. I will return this in a month. I am doing this if someone in my house is not well.” The unexpected apology and promise added a layer of complexity to the otherwise straightforward crime.

Police Investigation

The Megnanapuram police were quick to register a case and initiate an investigation. Their first step was to scrutinize the crime scene for clues. The unique aspect of the case—the apology note—became a focal point in understanding the motivations behind the robbery.

Community Reaction

The local community’s response to the incident was mixed. While there was an outpouring of support for Selvin and his wife, there was also a heightened sense of insecurity. The promise of the thief to return the items seemed to offer a sliver of hope but did little to alleviate the immediate fear and concern.

Comparison with Similar Incidents

This incident isn’t an isolated one. A similar case unfolded in Kerala last year when a thief stole a gold necklace from a three-year-old child and later returned the money earned from selling it, along with an apology letter. These instances highlight a peculiar trend where remorse and a promise of restitution follow the crime.

Psychological Profile of the Thief

What drives a thief to leave an apology note? This act of contrition suggests a level of guilt and moral conflict. The thief’s note indicated a personal crisis, hinting at the possibility that the theft was an act of desperation rather than greed.

Impact on the Victims

For Selvin and his wife, the robbery was not just a loss of material possessions but a violation of their personal space and security. The emotional and psychological effects were profound, adding to the distress of their already disrupted lives.

Media Coverage

The incident was widely reported in the media, garnering significant public interest. The unique aspect of the apology note made it a story worth following, sparking debates on crime, punishment, and morality.

Legal Proceedings

As the investigation progresses, the legal proceedings will focus on identifying and apprehending the thief. The unique nature of the crime—coupled with the promise of restitution—might influence the judicial process and potential sentencing.

Preventive Measures

In light of such incidents, it’s essential to consider preventive measures to safeguard homes. Simple steps like enhancing physical security, fostering community vigilance, and maintaining regular contact with neighbors can significantly reduce the risk of such occurrences.

Future Implications

The promise of the thief to return the stolen items in a month leaves the future of this case open-ended. Whether the thief will keep their word remains to be seen, but the incident has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on Selvin, his wife, and the community.


This intriguing incident of a robbery followed by an apology note has captivated many. It sheds light on the complexities of human behavior, the motivations behind crimes, and the possibility of remorse and redemption. As the investigation continues, the community waits to see if the thief will indeed fulfill their promise.

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