Tragedy in Uttarakhand: 12 dead, 14 injured as tempo traveler plunges into gorge in Rudraprayag

A tragic incident has shaken the community of Raitoli in the Rudraprayag district. A tempo traveler carrying 26 passengers veered off course and plunged into a deep gorge, landing in the Alaknanda River. The accident claimed 12 lives and left 14 others injured. The critically injured have been airlifted to AIIMS Rishikesh, receiving urgent medical care. This heartbreaking event underscores the need for stringent road safety measures and immediate emergency response.

Details of the Accident

The incident occurred on a Saturday in the Raitoli area, approximately 5 kilometers from Rudraprayag on the Badrinath route. The tempo traveler, bearing a Haryana registration number, departed from Delhi around 11 PM on Friday and was en route to Chopta and Ukhimath. The journey took a devastating turn, resulting in a catastrophic fall into a gorge, with the vehicle landing in the Alaknanda River.

The Victims

Out of the 12 deceased, six were women. The identities of the victims are still being confirmed, and their families have been notified. Among the 14 injured, four are in critical condition and have been transported to AIIMS Rishikesh by helicopter. The remaining 10 injured passengers are receiving treatment at a local hospital.

Rescue Operations

The rescue operation was swift and intense, led by SDRF commandant Manikant Mishra. His team faced significant challenges, including the difficult terrain and the precarious position of the vehicle. Despite these obstacles, the rescue team retrieved all the passengers from the wreckage.

Transportation of the Injured

The most critically injured passengers were airlifted to AIIMS Rishikesh, a premier medical institution equipped to handle severe trauma cases. The use of a helicopter expedited the transportation process, potentially saving lives. The other injured passengers were admitted to a district hospital receiving necessary medical attention.

Eyewitness Accounts

Survivors of the accident recounted the harrowing experience. One survivor mentioned, “It all happened so fast. One moment we were on the road, and the next, we were tumbling down the gorge.” Residents who arrived at the scene immediately after the crash provided first aid and comfort to the victims until rescue teams arrived.

Cause of the Accident

Preliminary investigations are underway to determine the cause of the accident. Initial reports suggest that the driver may have lost control of the vehicle due to a sudden mechanical failure or a sharp turn on the mountainous road. Authorities are also considering other factors such as weather conditions and potential overloading of the vehicle.

Impact on the Community

The local community is deeply affected by the tragedy. Vigils and prayer meetings are being held for the victims and their families. Community members have shown immense support, providing food and shelter to the relatives of the injured and deceased.

Government and Official Response

Local authorities have expressed their condolences and assured thorough investigations. The government has promised financial aid to the families of the deceased and the injured. Additionally, they are reviewing current road safety measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

Safety Measures and Regulations

The accident has sparked a conversation about road safety regulations in hilly areas. Currently, there are several measures in place, but this incident highlights the need for stricter enforcement and possibly new regulations to ensure the safety of passengers traveling on such treacherous routes.

The Route and Its Dangers

The Badrinath route, known for its scenic beauty, is also notorious for its dangerous stretches. Over the years, numerous accidents have been reported on this route, primarily due to sharp turns, steep inclines, and unpredictable weather conditions.

Personal Stories

Families of the victims are devastated. One family, who lost two members in the accident, shared their grief, “They were on a pilgrimage, a journey of faith. We never thought it would end like this.” The injured, while recovering, recount the terrifying moments and express gratitude for having survived.

Importance of Road Safety

This tragic accident serves as a grim reminder of the importance of road safety. Simple measures such as adhering to speed limits, ensuring vehicles are well-maintained, and being aware of road conditions can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. Both drivers and passengers must be vigilant and prioritize safety over convenience.

The Role of AIIMS Rishikesh

AIIMS Rishikesh plays a vital role in providing advanced medical care in emergencies. The institution’s prompt response and state-of-the-art facilities have been crucial in treating the critically injured passengers. Their efforts highlight the importance of having well-equipped medical facilities accessible in remote areas.


The Rudraprayag Gorge accident is a heart-wrenching tragedy that has left a deep impact on the community. It underscores the urgent need for improved road safety measures and better emergency response systems. As we mourn the loss of lives and support the injured, it is crucial to take lessons from this incident to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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