46% of students at IIT Hyderabad still haven’t received a job offer, which presents placement issues

The placement season at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad for the academic year 2023-24 sparked interest when it was revealed that many students remain unplaced. According to statistics collected via a Right to Information (RTI) request by Dheeraj Singh, founder of the Global IIT Alumni Support Group, as of May 3, 2024, only 451 of 843 enrolled students have received employment offers.

Statistics for Placement Season 2023-24
The numbers show that around 46% of students have yet to acquire placements, a troubling trend. This number is consistent with the previous two years’ results when over 20% of students remained unplaced.

In the academic year 2022-23, only 585 of 762 enrolled students obtained employment offers, leaving 23% unplaced. Similarly, in 2021-22, 519 students out of 666 enrolled received positions, leaving 22% unplaced.

Trend Analysis for Median Salary
Despite the difficulties in finding work, the median wage has increased over the last three years. In the current placement season, the median wage is Rs 20 LPA, with an average income of about Rs 23 LPA. This is a significant increase over prior years’ results, demonstrating a growing demand for qualified graduates from IIT Hyderabad.

Significance of IIT Hyderabad
IIT Hyderabad, founded in 2008, has regularly placed among India’s top engineering colleges according to the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). Its reputation for excellence in science and technology education places it among the most sought-after institutions in the nation.

Premier IITs have issues in facilitating student placements. IIT Hyderabad is not alone in this regard. Similar problems have been reported at other prestigious IITs, including IIT Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (IIT-BHU), IIT Indore, IIT Ropar, IIT Jammu, and IIT Palakkad.

Factors affecting placement rates
Several reasons contribute to the high number of unplaced students, including shifts in industry demand, changing labor market trends, and a mismatch between industry needs and academic curricula.

Attempts by IIT Hyderabad
The institution has been actively striving to increase placement rates by strengthening industry partnerships, offering specialized training programs, and using alumni networks to provide additional options for students.

Student’s Perspective
Students have voiced anxiety about the present placement situation, although they are enthusiastic about their future chances. Many are actively seeking to improve their skills and explore new employment opportunities.

Impact on Reputation
The high proportion of unplaced students might influence IIT Hyderabad’s reputation and rankings. It emphasizes the need for ongoing development in the institute’s placement and student assistance programs.

Comparative Analysis of Other Institutes
Comparing placement rates with other top engineering colleges indicates shared difficulties and opportunities for growth. It also underlines the value of exchanging best practices across institutions.

Future Prospects
Looking forward, there is hope for improved placement rates as the school adjusts to changing market conditions and improves its connections with industry and alumni.

Alumni Support and Networking
Alumni help facilitate placements and advise current students. Their success stories inspire and motivate the next generation of graduates.

The current placement season at IIT Hyderabad presents both obstacles and opportunities for the institution. By tackling the reasons that contribute to the high number of unplaced students and capitalizing on its assets, IIT Hyderabad can maintain its position as India’s best engineering education school.

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What initiatives is IIT Hyderabad doing to boost its placement rates?
To increase student placement chances, IIT Hyderabad is expanding corporate connections, delivering specialized training programs, and using alumni networks.

How do IIT Hyderabad’s placement numbers compare with those of other IITs?
Placement numbers at IIT Hyderabad are comparable to those at other major IITs, with similar issues reported across universities.

Which industries are the top recruiters at IIT Hyderabad?
Top recruiters at IIT Hyderabad include firms in the IT, engineering, consulting, and R&D industries.

How do students feel about the placement situation?
While some students voice worries, many stay positive and actively participate in skill development to improve their employment.

What long-term impact would large percentages of unplaced students have on IIT Hyderabad’s reputation?
High percentages of unplaced students might influence the institute’s reputation and rankings, emphasizing the need for constant development in placement tactics.

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