From Padma Shri to the Labourer: India’s Darshanam Mogulaiah’s Unexpected Journey

Darshanam Mogulaiah, a Padma Shri laureate known for his exceptional workmanship in rejuvenating the rare musical instrument ‘Kinnera,’ gets caught up in an unexpected fight. Despite his praises and services to cultural heritage preservation, Mogulaiah’s narrative took a dramatic turn when he was seen working on a construction site outside Hyderabad, trying to make ends meet. This harsh discovery sheds light on the difficulties that artists, even those who have received renowned accolades, encounter while managing financial troubles.

In a poignant statement to the Times of India, the 73-year-old artist, popularly known as Kinnera Mogulaiah, stated that the hefty donation of 1 crore rupees he got from the Telangana government was quickly dedicated to critical family needs. “That money was used for my kids’ weddings. I even purchased a plot of property in Turkayamjal on the city’s outskirts. “I started building a house but had to stop midway because I ran out of money,” Mogulaiah lamented. Despite his best efforts, the cash windfall remained insufficient in light of urgent family commitments.

The state’s offer of a 600-square-yard plot in the Rangareddy district, near Hyderabad, exacerbates Mogulaiah’s predicament. The long-awaited allocation is still delayed, placing the artist in a vulnerable situation. “One of my boys has seizures. I need at least ₹7,000 per month for medications for myself and my children. Then there are frequent medical tests and other costs,” Mogulaiah said, emphasizing the constant hardships he has as the patriarch of a big family.

The discovery of Mogulaiah’s struggle resonated throughout social media platforms as veteran journalist Sucheta Dalal drew light on his situation. The power of internet connection sparked a reaction from Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS) leader KT Rama Rao, who promised to personally intervene to ease Mogulaiah’s suffering. “I appreciate Sucheta Ji’s bringing this news to my notice…I will personally care for Sri Moguliah’s family. My staff @KTRoffice will reach out to him right now,” Rao stated, giving a lifeline to the renowned musician.

Mogulaiah’s story goes beyond individual struggles, providing a sobering look into the larger socioeconomic issues that artists and cultural custodians confront. His path exemplifies the human spirit’s perseverance in the face of hardship, as he strives to fulfill his duties while still maintaining his creative legacy.

Mogulaiah’s tale highlights the need for more assistance and awareness of cultural heritage preservation activities. Beyond plaudits and rewards, long-term policies must be developed to protect the livelihoods of artists like Mogulaiah. Initiatives that offer financial stability, access to healthcare, and social security may allow artists to continue making vital contributions to society without fear of economic hardship.

Furthermore, Mogulaiah’s experience emphasizes the need to uphold governing authorities’ obligations to assist cultural practitioners. The delay in allocating promised resources not only exacerbates the artist’s problems but also reveals systemic flaws in the execution of welfare policies.

As debates about Mogulaiah’s suffering gain traction, they spark a wider conversation about the confluence of art, culture, and socioeconomic well-being. It encourages governments, philanthropists, and civil society to work together to develop comprehensive solutions that protect the dignity and livelihoods of artists from a variety of fields.

In response to the outpouring of sympathy and solidarity, Mogulaiah thanks everyone for their unfailing compassion for him and his family. “I’m extremely touched by the huge reaction from folks around the nation. “It gives me hope and strength to get through these difficult times,” he says, his indomitable personality shining through hardship.

Mogulaiah’s story continues to reverberate, serving as a touching reminder of the transformational power of compassion and collaborative effort in helping people in need. Through empathy and solidarity, we can create a more inclusive society in which the efforts of cultural guardians like Mogulaiah are not only recognized but also preserved for future generations.

To summarize, Darshanam Mogulaiah’s transformation from cultural hero to emblem of fortitude in the face of tragedy exemplifies the intricacies of human experience. His tale goes beyond individual circumstances, highlighting systemic issues and the transformational power of collective action. As we gather with Mogulaiah and other artists, let us commit to creating a society in which creativity thrives and the dignity of every human, regardless of profession, is supported with unshakable commitment.


Who is Darshanam Mogulaiah?
Darshanam Mogulaiah is a Padma Shri winner best known for rejuvenating the uncommon musical instrument ‘Kinnera.’

Why was Mogulaiah spotted working on a construction site?
Despite his renowned achievements, Mogulaiah struggled financially and was compelled to work on a building site near Hyderabad to make ends meet.

What did Mogulaiah do with the Telangana government funding he received?
Mogulaiah utilized the 1 crore rupee award for essential family necessities, including as his children’s weddings and land purchases, leaving him with inadequate finances to finish building his mansion.

What medical issues does Mogulaiah’s family face?
One of Mogulaiah’s boys has seizures, which necessitates frequent medical costs such as expensive prescriptions and testing, increasing the family’s financial strain.

What reaction did Mogulaiah’s predicament draw from Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS) leader KT Rama Rao?
KT Rama Rao committed personal involvement to aid Mogulaiah’s family, stating that his staff at @KTRoffice will reach out to help.

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