Figure AI Secures $675 Million Funding from Elite Backers for Humanoid Warehouse Robots

Figure AI Inc., a startup specializing in humanoid robots for warehouses, is raising $675 million in funding.
Elite backers, including Jeff Bezos and Microsoft, are supporting the venture,
aiming to address labor shortages with autonomous humanoid workers.

Figure AI focuses on creating autonomous humanoid robots, particularly its machine named Figure 01.
Figure 01 is an AI-powered, self-reliant robot with the ability to think, learn, and safely interact with humans.
The robots are designed to perform dangerous warehouse jobs in response to labor shortages.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, commits $100 million through his firm Explore Investments, LLC.
Microsoft invests $95 million in support of Figure AI’s mission.
Nvidia Corp. and an Amazon. com-affiliated fund contributes $50 million each.
Intel Corp.’s investing arm provides $25 million.
OpenAI pledges $5 million.
The total funding reflects the increasing interest and financial support for Figure AI’s vision.

Figure AI’s impressive lineup of backers includes OpenAI, which considered acquiring Figure in the past.
Nvidia Corp., announcing a staggering $22.1 billion in revenue in its fourth quarter, is also a significant supporter.

Figure AI boasts a pre-money valuation of approximately $2 billion, according to Bloomberg.
The funding round underscores the growing importance and investment in AI technology.

Figure 01, the AI-powered robot, is specifically designed to tackle hazardous tasks in warehouses.
The robot’s capabilities align with the need for automation in industries facing a decline in available workforce.

Figure AI’s funding news coincides with a broader AI boom, with various companies,
including Tesla, actively developing their own robotic solutions.
The surge in interest and investment highlights the potential for AI to revolutionize various sectors.

Figure AI’s ambitious goal of deploying humanoid robots in warehouses gains substantial support from high-profile investors.
The significant funding, led by figures like Jeff Bezos and Microsoft,
signifies a collective belief in the potential of AI to address real-world challenges,
such as labor shortages in critical industries.
As Figure AI moves forward with its innovative approach to robotics, the broader AI landscape continues to experience a surge in activity,
with companies exploring new possibilities in artificial intelligence and automation.

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