United States Raises Checked Baggage Fees by $5: What You Need to Know

United Airlines announces an increase in checked bag fees by $5 for most coach travelers within North America.
This move follows a recent trend among major U.S. airlines, with American Airlines making a similar announcement just three days ago.

United’s new fees for the first checked bag will be $40, up from the current $35 for those who pay at the airport and $30 for advance payments.
Travelers who prepay for their first checked bag at least 24 hours before the flight will receive a $5 discount.
The cost for a second checked bag is raised to $50, or $45 if prepaid, reflecting a $5 increase.

United Airlines maintains the existing checked bag fee structure for long-haul international flights.

Other major U.S. carriers, including Alaska Airlines and JetBlue, have already raised their checked bag fees earlier this year.
American Airlines and United Airlines are the latest among the Big Three legacy carriers to implement fee hikes.

This marks the first time United has increased checked bag fees since 2020, according to the airline’s statement.

While United did not provide specific reasons for the fee hike, other U.S. airlines cited increased costs for fuel and labor as contributing factors.

Travelers are likely to be displeased with the added expense of checking bags on United Airlines.
Southwest Airlines remains an exception, continuing to offer passengers two free checked bags, a policy executives frequently highlight.

With four out of the six largest U.S. airlines increasing checked bag fees in 2024, attention turns to Delta Air Lines to see if it will follow suit.
Delta has not yet announced such changes, leaving passengers to speculate on the airline’s stance.

Southwest Airlines maintains its commitment to providing passengers with two free checked bags, a notable feature that distinguishes it from its competitors.

United Airlines anticipates receiving hundreds of new aircraft in the coming years, designed to accommodate every passenger’s carry-on bag with ample overhead bin space.
The fee adjustments will apply to tickets purchased starting Saturday, Feb. 24.

The increase in United’s checked bag fees reflects a broader industry trend, with several major U.S. airlines adjusting their fee structures in response to increased operating costs.
As travelers navigate these changes, the competitive landscape among airlines continues to evolve, with Southwest Airlines maintaining its unique offering of two free checked bags for passengers.

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