Fortnite Fans Criticize Expensive TMNT Crossover

Long-awaited TMNT crossover in Fortnite.
Excitement for quests and cosmetics is overshadowed by pricing concerns.

Master Splinter skin: 1500 V-Bucks.
Only includes skin, LEGO variant, and Back Bling.
Splinter’s staff sold separately for an extra 800 V-Bucks.
Total cost: 2300 V-Bucks, leading to player dissatisfaction.
Comparison to April’s bundle with more items raises concerns.

The player shares discontent on the subreddit, calling pricing “crazy.”
Others echo frustration, altering purchasing behaviour.
Criticism of separate sale of Splinter’s cane; lore-friendly alternatives suggested.
Potential impact on Fortnite’s in-game economy discussed.

TMNT Instrument Bundle: 3000 V-Bucks or $30.
Players argue music set doesn’t justify high cost.
Suggestions to sell individual items for 300 V-Bucks each.
Similar discontent with Rocket Racing’s $40 car skins.

Use of Mikey’s nunchucks as a lore-appropriate alternative.
Community seeks creative ways to avoid extra costs.
Calls for Epic Games to introduce more affordable options, bundles, or discounts.

Discontent raises concerns about the overall player experience.
Questions about the sustainability of current pricing strategies.
Fear that high prices might deter new players or discourage active participation.

Eager anticipation for Epic Games’ response.
The community hopes for adjustments, reasonable pricing, and transparency.
Player feedback’s impact on decision-making was discussed.

TMNT crossover brings excitement but pricing issues cause discontent.
High costs shift player purchasing behaviours.
The desire for fair pricing, reasonable options, and transparency in future in-game purchases is expressed by the Fortnite community.

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