Year of the Dragon: We Have Entered the AI Age

No end to AI excitement in 2024.
Hardware and software progress fuel dynamic AI applications.
2023 merely scratched the surface.

Year of the Dragon brings widespread gen AI integration.
Businesses recognize gen AI as a core component.
CEOs actively embed gen AI into processes.

Gen AI becomes essential for innovation and efficiency.
Shift from tentative exploration to confident application.
Marks the transition to a fundamental business practice in 2024.

Gen AI allows increased volume and variety of applications.
The AI Impact Tour discusses balancing risks and rewards.

Historians view the post-2023 internet as different.
AI users have created over 15 billion images since 2022.
Internet transformed, similar to the atom bomb’s impact.

Expansion elevates standards across all fields.
The critical juncture where not adopting is a competitive disadvantage.
Gen AI raises the bar in employee capabilities.

Jagged frontier – AI excels but falters in nuanced tasks.
Gen AI projects normalize with the decline in LLM training costs.
The AI chip market will become more affordable in 2024.

Shift from cloud-reliant to locally executed AI in 2024.
SLMs have gained popularity for real-time applications.
Utilizing raw CPU power in everyday devices.
Focus on Large Vision Models (LVMs):

Spotlight shifts from LLMs to LVMs.
LVMs tailored to specific domains revolutionize visual data processing.
LVMs show better results in specialized image domains.

LGMs excel in handling tabular data.
Analyze time-series data, offering fresh perspectives.
Crucial for addressing challenges unmet by existing AI models.

Rigorous ethical considerations are needed for AI advancements.
Organizations may lead regulatory efforts as opposed to governments.
Past mistakes with general-purpose technologies urge caution.

AI poses copyright challenges due to limitless data consumption.
Copyright/copywrong debate emerges in a media in flux.
Result of landmark cases like NYT vs. OpenAI to shape the media landscape.

AI intersects with the biggest election year globally.
Instances of AI interference in elections observed.
Public trust remains at a nadir globally.

Deepfake videos and AI-generated disinformation pose threats.
Subtle changes designed to deceive AI influence human perception.

Global consensus on watermarking to distinguish authentic content.
Challenges in universal detection and preventing abuse.
Questions on who decides what is real.

2024 marks the year AI is applied in real, tangible ways.
The intersection of the world’s biggest election year and AI’s defining technology.
A year of challenges and advancements in the AI landscape.

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